Monday, 8 December 2008

Digging in the sunshine

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a wonderful day.....With such a busy weekend, I wasn't sure if I'd even get down to the allotment, but thankfully, I was allowed out after Church for an hour or so.

It was all about getting the beds dug, so with my gloves, spade and fork I set off to get one wide 'spit' done. I set to work on the strawberry bed and even though it was a bit frosty on the top inch or so, I managed to get one 'spit' done and fill a barrow full of roots. They are nasty things and look a bit like the Day of the Triffids. Either that or a nasty Bushtucker trial in I'm a Celebrity...but I'll get as many of them out as I can, to give the plants a chance to grow next year.

I met one of my allotment neighbours on Saturday, by chance, at the Church fair and they are really nice people, so that's excellent news for both of us. Also, my Dad kindly brought the poles and wire for the raspberry canes on Saturday, so they are in the garage waiting to go. Excellent, thanks Dad!

Next time I go, will be the potato bed's turn.......maybe next Saturday morning, as we have our family Christmas lunch on the Sunday. Oh, I hope it's sunny again, that was just perfect on Sunday morning.