Tuesday, 19 January 2010

First update for 2010....

First things first, the shed roof survived! Hoorah. So after all the wind and rain and then the snow I was pleased and pretty amazed that the roof had remained intact, ensuring it stayed dry inside, so that's all thanks to my Dad, his felt and black gooey stuff....oh and a few nails.

So here it is, now I need to stain all the wood this year to help protect it and make sure it lasts as long as possible.

Whilst having a look around the plot, I was also amazed to see we still had a few carrots left and the savoy cabbages had survived the birds and the weather, so with our Sunday lunch we were fortunate enough to have some fresh tasty veg. I've a few cabbages left which you can just about see in the photo's, so they'll last a while.

As for things surviving, Tom brought home a bean plant from school late last year and although it was the wrong season I just planted it out, more to get it out of the way and amazingly, although the original stem died, it has sprouted another one, so I've protected it and we'll see what it does. As Tom keeps asking about it, I'll have to try and keep it alive!

With a while to go before we start on the potatoes, I wanted to get all the beds dug and as you can see, they are all looking pretty good. Nice crumbly soil, even with it being quite wet and as I did the double digging last year, it was much easier this time around. Took no time at all.

I also wanted to start to get rid of the small paths dividing the beds and just leave myself with one single path down the middle. You can see below where I've started, but this took me right back to all those weeks in all weather, when I first got the plot, as this is covered in that awful couch grass ( I think that's what it's called), with roots everywhere, making it hard work to dig the soil, rid it of the roots and turn it over in preparation for planting. I got this one side done, but will need to do it once more to make sure I've got rid of as much as possible.

I'll be burning all those roots, just to get my own back. With luck, I'll manage to find the time to get all the other sections done too and then set to work on the large pile at the bottom of the plot next to the compost bins.

Finally, it was pretty quiet down there and Mr & Mrs Fox put in an appearance. Healthy looking too, so they must have plenty to eat. You can just see them between the sheds. By the time I got the camera, they decided to walk off....very camera shy!

Well lots to look forward to on the plot this year. I'm hoping for some nice days ahead in the spring and some more success in the harvesting. Good luck to one and all.