Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A little belated, but here's where we are now

Originally, I had intended to update the blog a few weeks ago, following a lot of planting and preparation, but alas, then best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

However, to give you a guide and with a big thank you to my Dad once again, I was lucky enough to receive some sweetcorn, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber and marigolds, which I planted just prior to our 2 week holiday. In addition, I had to spend some money on wood to make up a fruit cage for the strawberries and also supports for the autumn raspberries, which I'd also made up, so I was going to do a 'before and after' to see if they survived, etc.

Well, with once again a big thank you to Ali for helping with the watering while we were away, everything is looking just fine and after a few long hours of weeding, I also uncovered some good looking peas, spinach and lettuce and although the carrots, dwarf french beans and all year round lettuce grown from seed in the ground hadn't amounted to much, there were a few coming through, so with additional planting in the gaps, I'm still hopeful.

Also, the potatoes continue to do well, although some of my Earlies were affected by the frost, but I covered them with soil and will leave them to see what happens.

In addition to the weeding, my Dad also let me have a bag full of netting, which I fixed up on the frame to cover the strawberries as I already have a few turning red and I want to try and make sure the birds don't get to them first this year.

OK, so here's the photo's

1. Potatoes.
2. Sweetcorn, cucumber and marigolds on newly dug and cleared area I spent hours on this year.
3. Tomatoes and sweet peas in the foreground, with lettuce and spinach in the background. Also just see the sweetcorn on rear right.
4. Peas, carrots and dwarf french beans.
5. Strawberry fruit frame and netting, with raspberries in the background.