Monday, 24 August 2009

Post holiday Summer update.....

Well I put a few of my Dad's sunflower seeds in and look at them now. What a picture. Now it's been a while since I posted an update as we've been on our holidays for a couple of weeks and the last time I went down to the allotment, I went with Ellie and Tom and they helped me with the harvest......and what a harvest it was too.

Ellie picked our first bag full of tomatoes and Karen has subsequently made a load of tomato sauce. I picked another bag this last Sunday, so this time we're ( I say we're of course, but really mean Karen) going to make a batch of soup as well. That is in addition to plenty of them that we're eating in the Summer weather and in my sandwiches! The tomatoes have been a great success, from the cherry ones right up to some really big one's. Tom was busy digging up carrots so we've also got a bag of them in the fridge too. All different shapes and sizes, but they taste good!

Also, before we went away I replanted the broccoli and sprouting, covered with netting to try and stop the pigeons eating them and just look at them now. I weeded all around them when we got back and it looks as if they should be ok now. So that's excellent news.

...and here's a close up of one of the plants.

Finally, the raspberry plants continue to grow and I've now started to tie them to the wires my Dad provided and helped me set up. We may even be lucky and get a little bit of fruit from them.

I finally finished digging up the rest of the potatoes and now have a very heavy hessian sack full of spuds for us to use, as well as bags of dwarf french beans.

There's not too much more for me to do now, apart from continuing with the harvesting and keeping the weeds down, whilst keeping notes on what worked well and what did not, so that next year, I can do even better.

As you look around the plots, there is plenty of growing and lots of harvesting going on so with luck lots of other people will be enjoying the fruits of their labour too.