Thursday, 4 March 2010

Early March preparations

I took a day off to start to get some more work done on the plot as time has been ticking along, the weather has been lousy and we've been so busy as of late. As you can see below, I've started to demolish the huge pile of soil/roots/grass/weeds left over from the digging of the plot last year. Also, you can see the fire in the background, which is the only way to finally get rid of the roots.

There is a fair amount of soil, so I have taken the chance to fill the raised bed area near the shed, as you can see below. Unfortunately, one of the wheelbarrows broke in the process, so down to one now, unless I can fix it.

So the potatoes are chitting away, I've done the digging in preparation for their planting, so with a bit of luck over the coming weeks I'll finish this area off, stain the shed and start building the frame and netting for the strawberries. Oh and I took a savoy cabbage home and it did look good. Let's hope it taste that way too!

Come on the Spring !