Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Strawberries, Strawberries everywhere.

Strawberries looking good.

Wow, that's the best description I have. So far a bumper crop of strawberries, full of flavour. They smell just amazing and when you are working on the plot, it's great to smell them on the breeze. I've picked loads and if it hadn't rained so hard on Sunday, I would have got even more. Looking forward to getting down there one night this week.

Following my last post, we've been away for a couple of weeks, so thank you to Ali for kindly watering my plot during the dry spell. Thank you!! All seems well and as soon as we returned, we dashed to my parents and my Dad gave me the plants he had been bringing along in his greenhouse. It's little late, but what with going away and it being so dry, I didn't want to risk putting them in before we went away. I've planted sweetcorn, tomatoes, cabbage and some courgette.

You can see all of the plants I have put in below and from the other photo you can also see them behind the peas which are coming along well too.

Ricky is keeping the birds away from the cabbages!!!

The plot is filling up nicely and I still have a little more room for some additional planting, which is great.

The recent heavy downpour on Sunday and Monday should really help these plants and no doubt the weeds will love it too....gggrrrrrrrr. I'll see how it all looks this week some time and get down at the weekend to tidy it up and cover the raspberries with netting as they are starting to ripen too.

So all looking good and I expect to dig up a few new potatoes over the coming week or two as well. All good news. Long may it continue and hopefully this year the sweetcorn wont be ruined. I've put canes next to each one and as they grow, I'll support them. Lesson learned there.

Happy Days.