Thursday, 7 July 2011

What a lot!

I think the photo's tell the story. We have been really lucky this year with the strawberries and raspberries. This was just from one of our picking trips to the allotment over the last few weeks and although the strawberries seem pretty much done, the raspberries continue to ripen nicely. We've tried all sorts of recipes too with them, including raspberry cheesecake (well Karen did this one!) and raspberry and custard cake!

I caught up with the weeding this last week or so and as you can see the sweetcorn and tomatoes have established themselves and are starting to make some headway.

Also, all of the seeds I planted have really come on well. I picked my first lot of lettuce and have been digging up the new potatoes. I tried a different variety this year, not that I can remember the name, but they seem pretty good. The carrots, peas, dwarf beans and spinach all look good. Bit of trouble with the black fly, but hopefully it wont get too bad.

The courgettes are doing well too..........

Here's the view from the bottom of the allotment from the new potatoes up to the shed and raspberries at the top.

Here's Ricky looking out for the cabbages. Not that he was doing a great job, so I have now covered them with netting and with luck they'll stop getting eaten.

With the lavender starting to come into flower on the site, it all looks really good and with the mixture of sun and rain, I expect to continue to have a fairly good crop of most things.

All good. Long may it continue.