Thursday, 8 December 2011

Just in time

Amazingly, I've just realised my last blog was all the way back in July when we were picking the strawberries as I've barely had a chance to get down to the plot and get things all cleared up ready for winter.

Well, taking the chance to 'work from home', with the weather being kind, I set out to tidy all the strawberries, which had provided such a massive crop this year. I had so many runners and new plants that the original section of rows had become a massive clump. Not one to want to throw much away and knowing we love the strawberries so much, I set about rescuing as many as I could and replanting them in other parts of the plot. In addition, as there were plenty of wood chippings, I covered most of the established area to help protect them over the winter and keep the weeds down.

As you can see from the photo's I have now extended the original strawberry plot on one side, as well as an almost identical sized area on the other side and although you can't see them, I also have some right down the bottom near the compost bins.

In addition, I've cut down my summer fruiting raspberries, dug over some of the plot and cleared away all the remains of the tomato plants and cabbages, as well as tons and tons of weeding. I do still have some potatoes in the ground, but as we've so many at home already, I think I'll leave them there for the time being.

I was there fairly early on and even found time to use my Kelly Kettle, which brewed up nicely and gave me a great cup of tea. It was so windy I had to shelter in the shed with it and my treats.

So now with some awful weather on it's way and no doubt plenty of cold temperatures, I've done enough to keep me going until the Spring. I've only got about a third of the plot to dig and the soil is in pretty good condition still, so it wont be too hard. I even dug over the raised bed, as next year, I'm actually going to grow something in that, for once!

One final photo looking back up from the bottom of the plot. Even the scarecrow has managed to survive...just. He'll be needing some new clothes for next year!

Have a great Christmas all.