Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Fixing the shed roof

Well here it is. Thanks to my Dad for supplying some roofing felt and bitumen, I got to work last Saturday on fixing one side of the shed roof as the previous felt had been ripped off.

It was a perfect size as it covered the whole side with enough to fold over the top and seal on the other side. I used plenty of tacks, bitumen and the batons on the sides to try and hold it whatever the weather. Sunday was due to be extremely windy and wet, so a big test.

I haven't been there yet to see if it stayed on, but here's hoping!

This coming weekend, I shall be getting back into the digging habit and making the plot ready for the winter. I've plans to expand the beds a little bit, so over the coming months that's the work schedule.

I'll keep the updates coming.........Have fun this Autumn.