Thursday, 21 April 2011

Ricky is on guard!

Had an opportunity to go to the plot again on Wednesday, so managed to get a little bit more done, ahead of the Easter weekend. Also, 'Ricky', my scarecrow that we made last weekend was keen to get out in the fields and start having a go at the birds, so I took him down with me too.

Here he is!!

Cleared all around the shed and laid down some plastic sheeting and also covered some of it with the wood chips, so this is starting to take shape. The water butt has been moved to the rear of the shed in preparation for the guttering.

Finally, spent some time weeding and clearing the strawberries, as well as mulching them and also, doing the same for the last row of raspberries.

This leaves me to complete the strawberries, plant the potatoes and also some peas and dwarf beans at the weekend. I'll also try to finish off the area by the shed and weed the raised bed too. Lots to do, but we are getting there!

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