Friday, 19 June 2009

Harvest time....

I kept forgetting to bring the camera in to the office, by finally I remembered and as you can see below I dug up quite a few potatoes and as it turned out, 7 bags of salad leaves, including some spinach and rocket.

....just look at these lovely spuds!!!!.....there were over 60 of them.

I'll have to find time to pop down this weekend and see how everything got on after the crazy hail storm we had in the week and make sure the weeds and slugs haven't eaten everything. Also, I'll need to dig up some more spuds and cut some more of the salad leaves for our visitors on Sunday.

More pictures and information on that next week.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

It's all coming along nicely

Last weekend I managed to spend a little bit of time covering the cabbages with netting as I think the birds were having their fill and also built a frame for the sweet peas with the last few bits of wood I had left.

As always there is always plenty of weeding to do, so I once again kept them down as much as possible to give the plants a chance to grow.

Here's one of the courgette plants from my Dad and they seem to have settled in nicely and are now flowering. Indeed, so are some of the tomato plants.

Also, the sweetcorn have clearly got theirs roots all nicely spread in the soil, the stems are thickening and they are starting to reach for the skies as you can see below. They really do seem to have shot up this last week.

.................and as you can see from this bed, the carrots which did seem to start off a little slowly have now started to shoot up, with the rocket and lettuce also coming along. I think I should have thinned this by now, so I will have to look at them next weekend.

....and finally, although the strawberries have been a bit of a disaster, we did have one! All four of us had a taste and it was delicious, so I only hope the other plants find their legs and start to improve, so we'll see.

After doing the weeding, I put in the 2 sunflower plants for Ellie and Tom, for the church competition, along with the 3 cucumber plants from my Dad and put all the sweet pea seeds in next to the frame, so most of the beds are pretty full up. Luckily, we are having plenty of rain, so all of these should do well over the next few weeks. I just need to concentrate on keeping on top of things and keeping it all alive.

On Sunday, I bashed together my shelf/table and took this down to the shed, to tidy things up in there. I plan to try to continue with the staining of the shed, weeding, dig up some potatoes and thin the carrots and lettuces this weekend. I need to make sure it's all looking good as we have some special guests coming the week after and I'm sure to have an inspection!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Dinner's on me!!!!

We were at my Mum and Dad's on Sunday and looking at Dad's potatoes, I managed to work out which were my First Earlies and as he had a few nice looking spuds and I put mine in a week or so before him, I decided to dig a few up for our Dinner on Monday night, on my way home from work.

....and low and behold from 3 plants, I filled my sandwich box up, we had enough for our meal and for me to have some for my salad today. So what with this and the salad leaves we've been getting, all I need now is the tomatoes, cucumber and some fruit and that's lunch every day!

Anyway, it sure was a treat digging up the potatoes and getting something, almost like digging for gold.

It's all coming along now, so I just need to keep on top of it and finish a few things off this weekend, like stain the shed, build the frame for the Sweet Peas and keep weeding, then we are looking good.

All in all, not too bad...and there is even a strawberry growing, only one but it's a start!